slide is my favorite sport

My favorite sport is slide, because in our yard there is a large slide. Every day when I had finished my homework, I went downstairs and a few friend that large playground, where we climb the first long chains, through a short passage. Although this channel is very big, but can also reach the ground for a few seconds. I always use purple slide down the chute, because the road behind longer. So that I can go more for a while, the little passage, and very short, time is too fast, I don’t know don’t feel like it.

An hour passed, but I don’t want to leave, the wind blows from the ear, the birds flew over from me, dashan is here. When I was young, I just here to play, then always need dad pick me up in another place. But now I a person can play a slide, sometimes feel too slow. So I just think of a way, every time when I was in the slide squat and smooth. I tried again really fast, I was so happy!

I like to slide, also like the slides we compound, because it was my good partner.

one interesting story for today

This evening, the day the wind blow gently, the stars, I and friends meets at the yard playing a game of “chicken”.

Because everyone scrambled to rob to want to be a “hawk”, deadlocked, finally had to use the method of “stone, scissors, cloth” decision, I was very lucky when the “eagle”. The chicks lined up nosy, chicken mother open cover the chicken wings, I also set the stand ready to fight. “How can I catch the chicken as soon as possible? I wanted to think, decided to use the method of “a diversion” : I pretended to run to the left first, the chicken mother, indeed as expected also follow to the left to protect her chicks at that moment, I suddenly rushed toward the right, the chicken mother at that time the reaction, the chickens frighten of strange call, running around, I stared at one of the chickens to run. In the end, the chicken tired panting, run, they will become my “meal”.

Happy time is always short, adults also called back to my friend, I also came back home with a victory.